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My Author Monetization Article Published on The Book Designer

By Lee Foster

I have published a detailed article about writer/author monetization in the new “self-publishing” era.

The article is on The Book Designer blog, run by Joel Friedlander. This popular publication goes to a substantial group of “independent publishing” enthusiasts, authors who want to manage their own books. Friedlander also has a major number of Twitter followers of the website/blog.bookdesigner-350

See my article “11 Top Tips for Making Money from Your Writing and Photography in 2017″ at

The article content parallels and updates a talk on “Monetization” that I gave in August to the Bay Area Independent Publishers Association ( That talk was video-captured by Howard Slater and is available as a 45-minute video on YouTube at

I have developed four “self-published” books after a career of 14 books with “traditional” publishers. All of these can be seen on my Amazon Author Page at

“Monetization” strategies are an ongoing theme in my book on self-publishing, An Author’s Perspective on Independent Publishing: Why Self-Publishing May Be Your Best Option.

Monetizing is a concern for the full range of “creatives” in our modern publishing milieu, affecting writers, photographers, and musicians. Watch for my upcoming article on The Book Designer blog about “How the Photo Market Works.”

See Lee’s four Northern California books/ebooks on his Amazon Author Page.

See Lee’s books/ebooks
on his Amazon Author Page and in Independent Bookstores

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